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Officers trained on armoury management and storekeeping (Story by Awoko)

Posted 6/16/2017

With support from Mines Advisory Group (MAG), a United Kingdom based charity organization, the Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms (SLeNCSA) yesterday certified 18 military and police personnel after concluding two-week training on Armoury Management and Store keeping.

The event took place at the JLU Murray Town Barracks in the presence of the Joint Force Commander, Brigadier General, Brima Sesay, the Operation Commander Assistant, Inspector General (AIG) Tamba Kofi, MAG Director of Programmes, Liewelyn Jones, the Commissioner of SLeNCSA, Rtd Major General Lemon and other senior personnel.
MAG first came in Sierra Leone in September 2012 for the public destruction of 4,773 weapons in Makeni and in 2015 they came again to do an assessment of RSLAF and SLP armouries and training needs.
The participants included 17 men and 1 woman, of which 10 are military personnel and 8 police officers. They were trained on storekeepers responsibilities and authorization, weapon state, armoury disposal, armoury management, weapon safety, types of weapons, weapons maintenance, small arms ammunition and armoury fire prevention.
MAG was also involved in the training of 10 military and police personnel on the use of two weapons destruction equipment, which was followed by the destruction of over 4,000 weapons and ammunition.
According to Commissioner Lemon, the effective and efficient management and store keeping of the arms and ammunition of any armed force is fundamental to the professional discharge of its core function, which is the defense of the territorial integrity of the state in which it exists.
“The level of professionalism with which the army and police manages and uses the core function determines their competence and effectiveness,” he said. He disclosed that the objective of training is to equip the managers and storekeepers with the adequate knowledge and skills on the effective and efficient Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM) practices in the two forces.
He however disclosed that MAG is putting an appropriate end to their intervention in in the country’s PSSM systems through the construction and rehabilitation of armouries.
He admonished the armoury managers to give their commanders the correct updates on the states of their arms and ammunition and the storekeepers to be diligent in their day-to-day work.
“Any act of negligence or recklessness on your part may jeopardize the security and safety of your arms and ammunition thereby exposing your officers, men and members of the public to unnecessary danger,” he disclosed.
According to the Joint Force Commander Brigadier General Brima Sesay, the training is an additional knowledge to the participants who have benefited from several previous training’s.
By Alhaji M Kamara