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Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms signs M.O.U with Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

Posted 8/23/2017

Col. Rtd Sinah, SLeNCSA deputy commissioner, and Nicol, MAG representative, signing MOUCol. Rtd Sinah, SLeNCSA deputy commissioner, and Nicol, MAG representative, signing MOUThe Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms signed a Memorandum of  Understanding (MOU)  with Mines Advisory Group  on the 22nd  August 2017, for period of twelve 12 months.

The objective of the memorandum is to determine condition, roles and responsibilities of each contracting party in the mechanism of technical cooperation and support the country’s national technical capacities to conduct arms and ammunition stockpile management activities provided by Mines advisory Group.

MAG is a UK humanitarian organization with a vision is to provide a safe and secure future for men, women, children affected by armed violence and conflict.

MAG’s mission is to save lives and build futures by clearing landmines and unexploded bombs, by reducing risk and by supporting improved management of weapons and ammunition to create secure conditions for development. 

Within the time limit of this Memorandum of Understanding, and if funding permits both parties have agreed that MAG will implement the following:-

  1. Increase physical security of armories through rehabilitation of existing infrastructure and/ the construction of new facility. and/ or the installation of a containerized armory at priority sites.
  2. Marking of weapons and training of personnel
  3. Unstable or surplus ammunition destruction and training of  personnel
  4. Training of Armories and Explosive Storehouse storekeepers and Managers
  5. Un-serviceable or surplus weapons destruction through weapons cutting, including the setting up of a weapons cutting workshop, and training of personnel.

SLeNCSA responsibility will be to:-

        a)    Provide MAG with the official authorization to ensure a successful implementation of technical                 capacity building in stockpile and arms management for the defense and the Security Forces.

        b)    Facilitate the access of work site for MAG and all suppliers working with MAG (armouries,                 explosive storehouses etc.) and will second the necessary personnel as conjointly agreed                 between contracting parties. 

        c)     If Possible, provide MAG with the available infrastructures and equipment to carry out project.